Pre-Order Ford near Cerritos CA

Pre-Order Ford near Cerritos CA



Generations have leaned against the hood of a Ford, basking in the warm California sun as the Pacific Ocean ebbs against a beach. Over time, the models have changed, but the experience remains golden. Mustang models and Bronco models have left their hoofprints in the sand alongside polaroid cameras, Super 8s, and cellphones.

Ford vehicles have been the backdrop of everyday dreams and endless summers. Keep reading to learn how Norm Reeves Ford Superstore can create the next generation of memories when you pre-order a Ford near Cerritos, California.

A Glimpse Ahead

Pre-Order Ford near Cerritos CA

Ford became part of the American dream with an innovative approach to building vehicles. An emphasis on forging new paths continues with our lineup, which matches different dreams.

Ford Vehicles

Your Driving Experience

Ford F-150

Rugged truck handles a

towing capacity up to 14,000 pounds

Ford Ranger

Designed for both work and play,

you can learn about its off-road capability

Ford Mustang

Iconic ride zips along the highway

Ford Escape

Available as a hybrid for an efficient drive

You can learn more about future Ford models by reading our vehicle reviews. Drivers can also speak with our team to see what we expect from the upcoming Ford lineup.

Pre-Order Ford Electric Vehicles

Pre-Order Ford near Cerritos CA

Dreams can be electric. An expanding lineup of Ford electric vehicles provides an efficient way to travel around Cerritos. This includes options that fit different lifestyles.

Ford Electric Vehicles

Your Driving Experience

Ford Mustang Mach-E

All-electric SUV stays on brand

by emphasizing acceleration and convenience

Ford F-150 Lightning

Head out on the highway with a truck

that goes from 0 to 60 MPH in under five seconds

Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid

Connect with efficiency when you recharge your SUV from the comfort of your own home

Ford E-Transit

Electric cargo and passenger vans can have lower service costs, creating an efficient option for your fleet

Ford electric vehicles take different forms. A Ford F-150 Lightning flexes muscle by handling a towing capacity up to 10,000 pounds when properly equipped. That’s enough to handle campers or gear for work.

You can stay in touch with your wild side. The Mustang Mach-E can rev from 0 to 60 MPH in under four seconds. The SUV revs over 400 horsepower, letting you gallop across California.

Our Dealership

Pre-Order Ford near Cerritos CA

If you want commercial vehicles or something for your own driveway, our dealership makes it easy for drivers to pre-order a Ford near Cerritos, CA.

Cerritos, CA

A Ford That Fits Your Journey

Artesia Freeway

Flip on the electric motor

of a Mustang Mach-E

Don Knabe Community Regional Park

Pack for the day using the

cargo room of a Ford Explorer

Long Beach

Fun in the sun

feels just right in a Ford Bronco

Old Ranch Country Club

Stash your clubs in the bed of

a Ford F-150 Lightning

Ask our team about reserving a Ford model. You can ask our team about locking in a rate and financing options when you visit our dealership. Drivers can also use our financing tools to see how payments fit into their budget.

Pre-Order a Ford

Whether you’re hitching a surfboard to its roof rack or revving the engine on the Pacific Coast Highway, the design of a Ford opens up the opportunity to create memories. How can you learn what to expect from the next generation of Ford engineering?

Pre-order a Ford near Cerritos, CA, at Norm Reeves Ford Superstore.

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