Ford Taurus Dashboard Light Guide Cerritos, CA

Ford Taurus Dashboard Light Guide

Dashboard lights provide important notices to car owners regarding scheduled maintenance and necessary repairs. However, the cryptic nature of these messages can make it hard for drivers to decipher what they mean. Often, drivers are unsure whether the light demands immediate attention, or whether it is merely suggesting servicing in the near future. This short guide will allow Ford Taurus owners to quickly determine when important issues are presented without having to reach for their owner’s manual.

Lights Requiring Immediate Response

Ford Taurus Dashboard Light Guide Cerritos

Airbag Readiness Indicator

The airbag readiness light is located to the upper right of the speedometer. The icon for this light is a person sitting down (facing the left) with a large circle shape in front. A problem may exist when the indicator does not illuminate simultaneously with the starting of the car, goes into flashing mode, or stays on permanently. Since the proper functioning of the airbag system is an important aspect of maintaining the driver’s safety during a crash, you should seek to have this resolved as soon as possible. Car owners in the L.A. area should contact Norm Reeves Ford Superstore to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified technician.

ABS Light

The ABS light refers to the status of the anti-lock brake system. This indicator is located at the bottom of the dashboard’s RPM gauge and is designated with the acronym “ABS.” It is time to obtain servicing when the light flashes repeatedly, or is continuously illuminated. In most cases, a problem with the ABS system won’t affect the normal functioning of your brakes. However, it is wise to have any problem with the braking system reviewed immediately, especially because you never know when you might need the assistance of the ABS. Norm Reeves Ford Superstore is always available to assist Taurus owners with ABS issues.

Braking System Light

The indicator for the Taurus’ braking system is located in the right bottom corner of the dashboard lights area. It is marked by two circles containing an apostrophe and the letter “P” above the word “brake”. Normally this light should illuminate for a few seconds when the car is started. It also might be illuminated in a continuous manner when the ignition is on and the motor is off, or when the parking brake is applied while the ignition is on. At all other times it should be off. When something is afoul with the brakes, and the parking brake is properly disengaged, the warning light will come on during driving. Brake problems are no joke and require the immediate assistance of Norm Reeves Ford Superstore.

Charging System Light

This light is found between the speedometer and RPM guage at the top right. It appears as a battery shaped icon. Whenever the light comes on while the car is on, there is a problem. The car repair experts at Norm Reeves Ford Superstore can check the electrical system to find out what is wrong.

Coolant Temperature

The engine coolant temperature indicator tells you if your motor is operating at the right temperature. You should look to the gauge to the right of the gas gauge to check the temperature. You can also look to the “Low Coolant” lettering below to see if the coolant level is dangerously low. Driving at a high engine temperature can ruin your motor. Call the Ford Taurus repair experts at Norm Reeves Ford Superstore for additional information.

In summary, this article has explained some of the more important indicators on the Taurus dashboard. Whenever a warning light is shown, it’s a good idea to examine the vehicle and contact a qualified service center for additional help.

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