Ford Focus Dashboard Light Guide

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The dashboard of your car can be a complicated place, especially if you’re not familiar with all of the dashboard lights. Having a basic understanding of what these colorful symbols mean won’t only help you improve vehicle performance but also overall safety.

In this Ford Focus dashboard light guide, we’ll help drivers from the Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Downey area learn about some of the most important lights to watch out for. If you have any questions, contact us at the Norm Reeves Ford Superstore in Cerritos.

Brief Introduction to Warning Lamps and Indicators

There are more than 25 dashboard lights on the Ford Focus, categorized as warning or indicator lamps. When you start the engine, many of these lights will illuminate briefly as a routine test and then turn off. If a light stays on or comes on while driving, there could be a problem.

However, it’s important to know that some of the Ford Focus dashboard lights are used to indicate control settings, such as the hazard lights or a turn signal, and not a major malfunction. This is why knowing the dashboard lights of your Ford Focus is so important.

Ford Focus Dashboard Lights

  • Engine oil:

That’s not a leaky faucet, that’s an old-fashioned oilcan and this light means that there’s been a malfunction with the oil system. Stop and turn off your vehicle as soon as you can do so safely and check the oil level. If you’ve got plenty of oil, don’t try to drive the vehicle and call a certified technician immediately.

  • Front airbag:

If you see a light that depicts a seated passenger wearing a seat belt with a large circle in their lap, then you should call a Ford authorized service center. Whether steady or flashing, this light indicates a malfunction with the front airbag system.

  • Lane keeping aid:

What appears to be a bird’s-eye view of a car between two dashed lines is telling you that the Lane Keeping System is activated. No driver action is necessary.

  • Low tire pressure warning:

This indicator light may look like a horseshoe with an exclamation mark inside it, but it’s meant to symbolize an underinflated tire. Check your tire pressure and add air as needed. If the light is flashing, have the system inspected.

  • Powertrain fault:

That double-ended wrench is the vehicle’s way of letting you know that a powertrain or all-wheel drive fault has been detected. This is a serious problem, and you should have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible.

  • Stability Control:

This dashboard light is depicted by a car with two wavy lines below it. This indicates that the system is currently active and should shut off shortly. If the light remains on, then there could be a problem. Have your car inspected by a certified technician. (Note: If the word OFF appears under this light, then the driver has turned the system off. Switch the system on if you’d like to enjoy the stability control feature.)

Don’t See the Light You’re Looking For?

If this Ford Focus dashboard light guide didn’t cover the specific light that you’re seeing, contact our service department at the Norm Reeves Ford Superstore in Cerritos. Serving the communities of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Downey, and beyond, we can help you figure out what’s going on with your Ford Focus and schedule a service appointment if needed.

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