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Every new car owner goes through a similar experience: feeling slightly anxious about losing that unmarred shiny appearance just as the delicious new car smell starts to fade. Some will park at the end of a parking lot to avoid other cars, while some get it cleaned every month in the first year of ownership.

But how about what is under that shiny hood? What should a driver do to keep all those tubes and gears and belts in tip-top shape?

Regular maintenance is the key to keep any car running well and the Ford Escape is no different. A good dealership service department like at Norm Reeves Ford Superstore can help the car owner understand the appropriate maintenance schedule.

One’s car can help too. The Ford Escape comes with several features that help driver’s remember to stay on the maintenance schedule such as the Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor System indicating when the next oil change is needed. However, if the owner will do some basic maintenance and checks on an ongoing basis, they can recognize problems quickly if they arise.

Basic Maintenance

This should be done by the car’s owner at these time periods:

Basic Maintenance
Check every Month Check every 6 Months
Engine oil level Battery connections
Interior lights Cooling system fluid level
Exterior lights Weather stripping around doors
Tire pressure Parking brake operation
Windshield wiper fluid Windshield wiper blades

In addition to maintenance checks done by the owner, it is important to take the Ford Escape to a certified dealership for regular maintenance as well. One should ask for the multi-point inspection as it is as essential as getting the oil changed regularly.

With the Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor, owners don’t have to remember when to get the oil changed because the car will tell him on the display within the car, but the driver does have to make sure they get it to the dealership in a timely manner. That is also a good time to get the multi-point inspection as well as other regular tasks such as rotating the tires, inspecting the brake pads and checking the cooling systems. The technicians at Norm Reeves Ford Superstore can help recommend which jobs should be done.

Along with oil changes and multi-point inspections, Ford recommends the following scheduled maintenance at these intervals:

Every 10,000 Miles

  • Inspect automatic transmission fluid
  • Inspect cabin air filter
  • Inspect steering linkage, ball joints, suspension and u-joints
  • Inspect exhaust system and heat shields
  • Inspect half-shaft boots
  • Inspect brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, brake lines and hoses
  • Rotate tires, inspect for wear and measure tread depth

At 100,000 Miles

Along with multi-point inspection, 10,000 mile checks and oil change:

  • Change engine coolant
  • Inspect accessory drive belts
  • Replace cabin air filter
  • Replace spark plugs

At 150,000 Miles

Along with the multi-point inspection and 10,000 mile checks and oil change:

  • Replace accessory drive belts
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Change automatic transmission fluid and filter

Regular maintenance on the recommended schedule makes sure the Ford Escape continues to perform as well it does on the first day the driver drove it off the lot. In addition, good care saves the driver money by helping the car run at its highest efficiency so it doesn’t use as much gas, and by hopefully, reducing the need for expensive repairs.

Getting the car serviced at an official Ford dealership like Norm Reeves Ford Superstore ensures the technicians are Ford trained and using certified Ford parts.

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