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Every driver has seen them: the bright little symbols on the dashboard of a vehicle such as the Ford Edge. But what exactly do these lights mean?

These lights are your vehicle’s way of communicating with you. They let you know when your car needs maintenance or a repair and whenever certain features are being used.

Understanding what these symbols mean is key to ensuring proper care for your vehicle. So let Norm Reeves Ford help you define each light with the Ford Edge dashboard light guide below.

Engine Coolant Temperature

Ford Edge Dashboard Light Guide

This light looks like a thermometer bobbing in water. When it illuminates, your vehicle’s coolant temperature is too high and in danger of overheating the engine. The second you notice this symbol on your dashboard, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Los Angeles, Downey, or Long Beach, you need to pull over and let your Edge cool down. After that, schedule an engine repair to prevent additional damage.

Service Engine Soon

The service engine soon indicator or check engine light looks like an engine block. This lets you know when the vehicle emissions control system is malfunctioning. Usually the problem is an engine misfire. This serious issue can severely damage your catalytic converter, so if you see it illuminated on your dashboard, take your car for a service appointment right away.

Brake System

When you use your parking brake, you’ll see an exclamation point, the letter P, and the word BRAKE on your dashboard. However, these symbols can also appear while you’re driving. If they do, check whether the parking brake is engaged. If not, then your car could be suffering from low brake fluid or damage in the brake system.

Engine Oil

An oil can on your dashboard indicates when it’s time to get an oil change. So if it comes on, check the oil level. If your vehicle contains a sufficient amount, then the problem is elsewhere. The only way to diagnose the issue is to have a professional inspect your car.

Dashboard Indicator Lights

The lights above are considered serious warnings that require immediate professional attention. However, the dashboard on your Edge also contains symbols that let you know when certain features are being used. Some of them are listed below.

· Adaptive Cruise Control: Ford Edge models equipped with this safety feature will have something that looks like the speedometer and a car on the dashboard when it’s active.

· Blind Spot Monitor: When you deactivate the Blind Spot Information System® in your Ford Edge, a symbol with two vehicles and the word OFF will appear.

· Stability Control: When this performance feature is being used, a light shaped like a swerving car will blink on your dashboard.

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If you see any of these dashboard warning lights in your Ford Edge or any other symbols you’re unfamiliar with, contact Norm Reeves Ford. We offer a professional service department where our trained technicians will work to accurately diagnose and repair the problem. So don’t wait – schedule your service appointment today!

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